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I hired Mr. Exum to represent my brother on serious felony charges. Not only did Mr. Exum get the case resolved, but he got my brother the charges reduced and no jail time. I am very pleased with his staff and his professional conduct. He is an outstanding attorney!

– Anonymous

Was facing 75 to Life for something I didn’t do. Exum and his lawyers got the charges dropped and I ended up with another charge with a max sentence of 25 years I got 9yrs with half time. Exum is a Great lawyer.

– Blake Martinez

I’m a retired Deputy District Attorney from Riverside County, three times “Prosecutor of The Year”, and I’ve never written a review about any defense lawyer prior to this. I felt compelled to write this because I know this man, and no one ask me to write this. We had many cases against each other over the years. We argued, we fought, but he was always honest with me. And he always did a great job for his clients.

– Tim Schaaf

I worked a hotdog stand at the Riverside Courthouse, where I met Mr. Exum.
I got into a situation where I was facing up to 16 years or possibly life.
When I went to Mr. Exum for help. He tuck my case and I ended up with 120 days of community service on the weekends… Served maybe half of that and get the rest of the time dismissed.
Proof is in the records.
If you need help, call Mr. Exum 1st.

– Lawrence Sanders

Darryl helped my brother in a prior case and he did a great job. I consider him one of the best cross-examiners ever. I have set in many cases with him and I must admit that he is GREAT. His prices are reasonable. I can say that Darryl really does love his job and it shows. I recommend him to everyone.

– Tiffany Rainey

Darryl represented me on a really tough case and he prevailed, not surprisingly. He’s not only a great lawyer, but also an outstanding individual who you can surely trust to represent you in the best possible way with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend him if you’re in a pinch and need some good help.

– Jake Boogey