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Civil Rights

Riverside Civil Rights Attorney: Legal Services You Can Trust

Exum Law Offices is Riverside’s leading civil rights law firm. With over 25 years of experience, we have helped clients in the area with countless civil rights issues. From employment discrimination to wrongful death suits, we have the skill and experience to help you with your particular case.

Riverside is a great area to live in, but not everyone has the civil rights they need. Our civil rights attorneys can help you with any civil rights issues you may have while living in our beloved community. Riverside is a diverse area with people of all races, religions and backgrounds living here. We can help protect your civil rights no matter your background or the identity you embody. Riverside civil rights attorney services are here to help protect your freedom of speech and freedom from discrimination, along with other vital protections citizens have under civil law.

When Should I Hire A Civil Rights Lawyer?

Civil rights protections ensure that all of us – no matter the color of our skin, how much money we have in the bank, our religious beliefs, or sexual orientation – are free to live and work without facing discrimination. For decades, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has worked as a fierce advocate for civil rights and equal justice for all.

The organization brought Brown v. Board of Education to the Supreme Court and ended public school segregation. It also helped write and enact the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act and continues to fight discrimination in all its forms – whether by gender, race, disability or sexual orientation – not only because it’s the right thing to do legally but because our nation can no longer afford discrimination. Unfortunately, these civil rights can be violated in several ways and need to be protected by a civil rights attorney in those instances.

What Results Do Civil Rights Attorneys Fight For?

Your civil rights protect you by encouraging fair treatment at the hands of law enforcement agents. However, the abuse of these rights can violate your freedom, privacy and self-expression. For example, your civil liberties can be infringed upon if you are unreasonably searched or held in police custody without charges. You could also experience violations of your civil rights if you are unfairly targeted by police or treated differently due to your race, religion, or gender.

Your civil rights can be violated if you are arrested for a victimless crime (a crime that doesn’t infringe on the rights of others). You can also experience violations of your civil rights if you are subjected to the use of excessive force by law enforcement agents or experienced discrimination in court. A civil rights attorney can help you with issues such as police misconduct and unfair conviction. If you are experiencing any of these violations, it’s essential to find out more about your civil rights. If civil rights violations are to blame for wrongful deaths or injuries, compensation may be available.

What Is A Discrimination Lawyer?

A discrimination lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in the area of discrimination law. This type of attorney will assist with cases involving individual and group claims of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment at work. In addition, a discrimination lawyer will guide you through the process and ensure that you stand up for the rights granted to you as a human. If you are being discriminated against, you have civil rights that need to be protected, and discrimination lawyers are the professionals dedicated to doing just that.

What Assistance Can A Discrimination Lawyer Provide?

A discrimination attorney can help you by reviewing your case and determining if you have a strong claim. If so, they can represent you in court to ensure that your interests are represented. They can also try to negotiate with the opposing party for a satisfactory outcome, like agreeing on an amount of money that you will be awarded by the court or getting your employer to open up their doors to accepting all kinds of people under an anti-discrimination policy.

What Are Some Common Cases Involving Discrimination?

There are several types of cases involving discrimination. Examples include:

  • Race
  • National origin
  • Religion or creed
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Medical condition/illness/impairment-related
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity

These examples and more are all civil rights that discrimination lawyers cover. While unfortunate, these civil rights violations can happen when you least expect them and are common occurrences.

When Should I Hire A Civil Rights Discrimination Lawyer?

People often will believe that they have an issue with their civil rights only to find out later that the situation is not what they thought it was. It’s important to understand that civil rights violations are not always blatant and can lead to severe consequences, both legally and physically. Because of this, it’s essential to understand what your rights are in any given situation. You need an attorney who is not only skilled in the law but someone with the experience and dedication needed to provide you with solid representation. Our discrimination attorneys are committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring that you and your loved ones get the justice you deserve.

How Do I Find A Discrimination Lawyer In Riverside to Protect My Civil Rights?

Exum Law Offices civil rights attorneys provide exceptional legal services to clients throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas of California. We have a vast amount of knowledge in civil rights law that will help you achieve justice for the violations of your civil rights under state and federal laws. Our lawyers will ensure that your interests are represented during every step of the process, from filing civil charges to taking your case before a judge and jury. In addition, if you’re experiencing civil rights violations such as discrimination, police misconduct or unfair treatment in the court system, we can help.

Please get in touch with our offices today at 951-934-0227 for a case evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you and working toward achieving civil rights justice for you and your family.