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Get Immediate Help For A DUI Charge

DUI charges are some of the most common you may face in California, and they are all serious. From the point of the initial arrest all the way through arraignment and sentencing, you can feel seriously overwhelmed and without control. However, with a strong, experienced attorney on your side, you can take back some control.

Attorney Darryl Exum defends clients in San Bernardino and Riverside against criminal charges of all kinds. It is so important to move quickly in a drunk driving case because the process of conviction can happen rapidly. These are regular charges, and all those involved – except you – understand how things proceed intimately. Mr. Exum lends you his experience and advocacy to stay ahead of the charges against you.

Drunk Driving Consequences In California

One of the major worries that people have if accused of drunk driving is the potential penalties. The California statutes are very clear on the consequences of misdemeanor drunk driver offenses:

  • License suspension: 4 months after a first offense; 1 year with a second offense within ten years; 2 years for a third.
  • Jail time: Up to six months for a first conviction; at least 96 hours to a maximum of 1 year for a second offense, and going up from there.
  • Fines: The fine is between $390-$1000; if there are injuries involved, the maximum is $5000

For felony DUIs, the fines are roughly the same, but the potential jail time and loss of license periods are much longer.

What Exum Law Offices Can Do For You

Any time you turn to attorney Darryl Exum, he takes immediate action. He puts pressure on the evidence and testimony against you and puts the prosecution’s case under a magnifying glass. He upholds your rights with strength and experience built over 25 years.

Contact him today for a free consultation and to learn more about the firm’s services. Call 951-934-0227 or send an email using this form.