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The Serious Stakes Of Federal Criminal Charges

While any criminal charge is significant, facing a federal criminal case against you is uniquely stressful. Federal authorities are aggressive and well-resourced when they target you, and you have to find representation that can meet that challenge.

Attorney Darryl Exum’s 25 years of experience means he understands the unique stressors you face in criminal law problems. He’s worked hard across Riverside and San Bernardino to stand up to the federal charges his clients face. He offers you his undivided attention and strength as a defense attorney.

Federal Charges Mean Federal Penalties

The potential penalties of a federal crime are in excess of what you may find in a California charge. You may face more significant fines. Any prison time you face will be at a federal prison.

Attorney Exum has decades of experience fighting for clients and knows the sentencing guidelines well for charges such as:

He has successfully defended his clients’ name and freedom in all legal venues and works proactively on your behalf.

Your Rights Still Matter In Federal Court

Remember, even though the federal outcomes may be more dire, your rights still matter. Your rights are what stand between you and the charges against you. Attorney Darryl Exum fights to ensure that your guaranteed constitutional protections receive the respect they deserve.

Get A Free Consultation From A Dedicated Attorney

In federal cases, the case against you starts growing before you realize you are under investigation. You must act quickly and get the help you need as soon as possible. Reach out today for a free consultation with Darryl Exum by calling 951-934-0227 or sending an email using this form.