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Why Turn To Darryl Exum

Whenever you reach out to an attorney for a legal issue, you’ve put your faith and future in their hands. You want to know that the person you turn to deserves your trust.

Attorney Darryl L. Exum has built a reputation across Riverside and San Bernadino for attentive, hands-on legal service. He’s a defense attorney who earns the respect and admiration of his clients through thorough, consistent work. With more than 25 years of experience, he understands California and federal law and trial-tested skills you can lean on. Learn more about his background by reading his bio.

Respected And Responsive In Criminal Defense

Darryl Exum’s service record speaks for itself. His clients love his work. Even prosecutors respect the way he goes about things. It all comes back to the standard of service that he brings to his clients:

  • Honesty: He answers your questions about the law with clarity and without hiding any unpleasant realities.
  • Attentiveness: He does not pass off any case, ever. Every individual who retains him gets a direct line of communication and will never feel like “just a number.
  • Strength: Even if things look challenging, he advocates for his client’s rights and needs. He is tenacious and unafraid of any legal challenge ahead of you.

He’s worked on the most complex of cases in criminal law, including sex crimes and felony charges. He brings the insights and tenacity built on decades of service to you.

Protecting You In Civil Matters

While the bulk of the cases at Exum Law Offices are criminal defense, that is not all the firm does. Attorney Exum has an extensive civil law practice that protects individuals experiencing civil rights violations and pursues compensation for personal injuries.

In his civil practice, he draws on the lessons in strength, tenacity and attentiveness that he’s built his criminal career on. He understands how to break down the legal complexities of a matter and explain them to you. He works with you to learn what you want and aggressively pursues your needs.

High-End Service, Personalized Strategies

Darryl Exum cares about each of the clients he works with, and that’s why he goes to such great lengths to get to know you and advocate for you. He builds a legal strategy around your needs and priorities in every case.

Reach out today for a free consultation by calling 951-934-0227 or sending an email.