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Riverside Police Misconduct Lawyer And California Police Brutality Attorney

Police misconduct and violations of citizens’ civil rights happen far too often. When someone feels that the police violated their rights, they often feel confused and unsure how to proceed. Many people do not know what their rights are to seek legal restitution in these situations.

Luckily, having a Riverside police misconduct lawyer work with you is the perfect way to figure out if you have a case and what the law entitles you to for damages. Having a law firm on your side, such as Exum Law Offices, can make sure that you have an appropriate legal strategy. That way, you can get as much as possible to help make things whole after a run-in with police misconduct in Riverside, California.

Can Exum Law Offices Help With My Police Brutality Case?

Exum Law Offices’ lead attorney, Darryl Exum, has been working in law for over 25 years, primarily as a criminal defense lawyer. He has represented numerous cases in trial and knows how to deal with lawyers outside of court. He can work toward capturing an appropriate settlement without a protracted court battle.

What Is Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct is a type of civil rights violation where a member of law enforcement does not follow legal guidelines when dealing with the public. The law affords officers leeway when going through the daily flow of work, but it also outlines instances where officers must be careful or face legal action.

Police misconduct became a subject of national controversy following the death of George Floyd, and California lawmakers used the incident to assist residents with bringing claims against the police. A recent law that the California Supreme Court upheld gives officers less immunity than in years past and allows citizens to argue their case for police misconduct more easily.

Police misconduct comes in many forms, with some becoming high profile, like the killing of George Floyd, but many other instances remain less well-known. Here are a few examples of the most common forms of misconduct.

Excessive Force

Excessive force is statistically the most common way that police misconduct manifests itself. The law allows law enforcement officers to use force when necessary to protect themselves or others. You cannot bring a claim against the police if they can justify the use of force, but you have options when there is excessive force.

For instance, officers can use deadly force when the situation dictates, but they sometimes skip using a gun without exhausting nonlethal options. There are also situations where a suspect poses no harm to the officer in question. In these instances, where there was death or injury because of excessive force, police misconduct likely occurred.

Sexual Misconduct

Police officers and other law enforcement agents occupy a position of power, and some will unfortunately try to use it to make sexual advances on people. Police officers will occasionally use coercion from their position of power to try and influence someone into sexual relations.

Officers committing sexual misconduct are never okay, and you should speak with a Riverside police misconduct attorney if you believe that it occurred to you.

Fraud And Theft

When police gather your belongings or hold something as evidence, they are not allowed to steal from you. Theft occurs often in police precincts. Victims have the chance to seek legal recourse by filing a complaint against the police officer and seeking justice for stolen goods.


Law enforcement cannot make judgments and assumptions based on someone’s race, gender, sexual preference or religion. Some officers carry prejudice about certain minority groups and occasionally use this to conduct an arrest while calling it a hunch.

Proving that a law enforcement agent profiled you is difficult, and you’ll need a skilled Riverside police misconduct attorney with you to help with the civil case.

What Can I Do When I’m The Victim Of Police Misconduct in California?

You’ll probably be feeling a lot of emotions when an officer violates your civil rights. The important thing is to remain calm and follow a few steps to help your attorney build your case later.

Gather Evidence

While the incident is going on, try to gather any evidence you can after you notice police misconduct. Make sure that you make a note of the officer’s name, badge number and car number. Try to jot down a physical description of the officer to help you remember what they looked like.

If possible, you should try to make a video or audio recording of the encounter. This can help make a particularly convincing argument in the courtroom.

Seek Medical Attention

Head to a doctor if you were injured and have them examine your injuries. Make sure to get any documents that your doctor provides for you, detailing the type and severity of your wounds. These will help establish the facts in court.

Speak With An Attorney

A Riverside law firm, like Exum Law Offices can provide legal representation after police misconduct. They can also assist you in the process and walk you through the necessary steps to bring legal action against the police.

Do I Need An Attorney When Filing A Claim Regarding Police Misconduct?

While you legally have the right to represent yourself in California in any civil or criminal case, most legal professionals will suggest that you hire an attorney when dealing with police misconduct. Your claim will likely encompass the police department and the local government, and they will have specialized attorneys on retainer to help with these situations.

A civil rights attorney can give you an unbiased assessment of your case and what you can realistically hope to ask for. The victim is too close to the situation to maintain an objective view of things, and it may cloud their judgment if they try to handle the case by themselves.

Many instances of police misconduct come from ambiguous areas in the laws governing law enforcement. An attorney can come up with compelling arguments to showcase how law enforcement violated your rights when the line between proper and improper is so thin.

Get A Free Consultation From An Experienced Riverside Attorney

If you or someone you know was the victim of police misconduct, you need a Riverside law firm you can trust. Contact us today at 951-934-0227 for a free consultation so attorney Darryl Exum can analyze your case and help you get the restitution you deserve.

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