A Defense Attorney Who Is Assertive In The Courtroom And During Negotiations

The criminal justice system is monolithic. To protect your rights, you need a strong defense attorney who will not let the prosecution intimidate them. Attorney Darryl Exum is trial-tested and up to the challenge.

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A Criminal Allegation
Will Not Just Go Away

A criminal history affects convicted people for decades after their sentences end. It is more than a prison sentence. Convictions also mean substantial court fines that can cripple your financial future, ineligibility for many social programs like food stamps and housing assistance, and a record that may stop your future educational and job opportunities in their tracks.

You cannot ignore the charges against you.

From the moment you realize there are charges pending, you need to take swift action in your defense. At Exum Law Offices, our team works to find a solution to your legal dilemmas. We work to minimize the impact a criminal allegation or conviction has on your life, and we are relentless in the pursuit of your best interests.

What Darryl Exum Brings To The Table

For over 25 years, Mr. Exum has stood strong against prosecutors, defending the rights of the accused with vigor. He is well-known throughout the San Bernardino area for working closely with individuals and listening to his clients’ needs, clearly communicating what clients should expect from the legal system and their rights, advocating strongly for clients in challenging situations and being a genuinely committed attorney.
Mr. Exum will protect your rights. His experience in complex cases involving murder, sex crimes and other felony charges means he knows the legal system intimately and can anticipate the prosecution’s next steps. Take steps to protect yourself today.

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Every moment that the prosecution has to work unchallenged is a moment your defense loses momentum. Do not wait. If you or a loved one faces allegations, call our office at 951-376-5556 or email us as soon as possible.