Criminal Defense

It Matters Who You Hire For Your Defense

When a person is accused of a crime, every stage of the process is critical. The arrest and police interrogation. The first court appearance and bail hearing. The investigation and the motions on admissible evidence. Plea negotiations. Trial advocacy. Sentencing and appeals.

At Exum Law Offices, our experienced trial lawyer provides an aggressive and strategic defense throughout the case. We represent people who are charged with serious offenses where a conviction brings jail or prison time, and the criminal record has a harsh impact on the future. Call our Riverside law firm immediately for a free consultation.

Whatever The Charges, We Can Help

Darryl Exum is a board-certified specialist* in criminal defense with nearly 30 years of experience fighting for the accused in the Inland Empire area. He understands how high the stakes are, and he will fiercely assert your rights and challenge the prosecution’s case. He has taken more than 150 cases to jury trial, with a solid track record of favorable results.

Exum Law Offices has handled the whole spectrum of criminal charges in the state and federal courts, including:

  • Murder and attempted murder
  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic violence and stalking
  • Sex offenses, from rape charges to soliciting minors
  • Drug possession and sales
  • White collar crimes (fraud, forgery and identity theft)
  • Burglary and theft offenses
  • Probation and parole violations
  • Immigrants charged with deportable crimes
  • DWI and serious traffic crimes

Federal court experience
If you are facing federal charges, you need an attorney with specific experience in the federal criminal courts. Darryl Exum has defended many clients on federal charges, from robbery and weapon offenses to financial crimes and drug trafficking cases. He understands how the rules are different and what to do to protect you.

Mr. Exum has experience with the most serious criminal allegations, including “three strikes” felonies and first-degree murder charges in which the death penalty was in play. He has a reputation as a skilled negotiator and an effective trial lawyer. He examines every facet of the government’s case for opportunities to get the case dismissed or evidence tossed out, or to find leverage for negotiating a favorable alternative to a conviction and jail time. He prepares from the beginning for the possibility of defending the client at trial.

We Aim To Put This Behind You

You can count on Darryl Exum and his legal team to fight for you and talk straight with you about what is happening at each step of the legal process. We are working for the best possible outcome, to take the weight off your shoulders and move forward with your life.

Call our Riverside law office at 951-376-5556 or contact us online. We provide a free initial consultation.

Attorney Exum has been certified by The State Bar of California as a specialist in criminal defense matters.