Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense: You Are Not Alone

Few criminal allegations are judged as harshly as sex offenses. Police, prosecutors and judges come down hard on sex offenders. Even friends and family may assume the worst. If convicted you face the triple threat of prison time, a felony record and sex offender registration.

Exum Law Offices will be there to defend your rights and fight the charges, even when all others have abandoned you. We take our job and the presumption of innocence seriously. Contact us immediately if you or a family member has been arrested or investigated for sex crimes.

A Certified Specialist Defending You

Trial attorney Darryl Exum is certified by The State Bar of California as a specialist in criminal defense. That is the caliber of representation you will need to fight these allegations and salvage your future. In nearly 30 years of practice, Mr. Exum has handled every level of sex crime allegation in both state and federal courts of Southern California, including:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Kidnapping and attempted rape
  • Sexual offenses against children
  • Sexual assault of a vulnerable adult
  • Prostitution and human trafficking
  • Soliciting minors for sex
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

You have the same rights as any citizen accused of a crime, and we will fiercely defend those rights. We examine every aspect of the prosecution’s case to fight the allegations or negotiate an alternative to prison and a conviction as charged.

The Black Mark Of Sex Offender Status

Most sex crimes are not only felonies but also trigger sexual offender registration. The highest level of sex offender status, those deemed at high risk to the re-offend, are subject to close scrutiny and tight restrictions on where they can live and work. If convicted, you will have to notify the police and other agencies, and possibly neighbors, whenever you move or switch jobs. We will do everything we can to avoid this heavy burden by mounting a strong defense against the underlying charges.

We Will Get You Through This

We are committed to upholding your rights and advocating for you in a legal process that seems to have its mind made up about the crimes you are accused of. Whatever the charges, you can count on Exum Law Offices to stand by you throughout the legal process.

We provide a free initial consultation, serving Riverside, San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. Call our law firm at 951-376-5556 or contact us by email, and we will respond soon.